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August 08, 2013

Responsive Email Templates

A national broker, working with a leading design firm, tasked us with creating modern email templates that look good on smartphones, web mail, and desktop clients. After freaking-out we brainstormed on how best to handle this. Do we build for iPhone or Outlook. Do we use media queries or inline styles? What should Gmail on a tablet look like?

Go Mobile!

Device Width Detection & Redirection

So I get this super vague user acceptance criteria. Goes something like "Redirect mobile visitors to the mobile page. Add a preference to remember choice".

Sounds simple? Turns out it actually was. Apart from this landing page all that was needed was a little device width detection and a cookie. Here's what I came up with (sans cookie function).

August 06, 2013

Location; location; location;

Integrating Google AdWords with partial page loads on modern search constructs.

Now days, Search is less about submitting forms than it is about AJAX calls, partial page loads, and location awareness. When asked to integrate Google AdWords into our property search page I knew we had challenges ahead.

June 11, 2013

Look for Meaning

Around Memorial day I received a Netflix delivery. Usually, they have some advertisement on the outside flap about new releases or exclusive content. This time it was different. This time it showed an illustration of Poppy flowers with an excerpt from a poem singing the sacrifice of soldiers during the Civil War. This struck me as artistic and patriotic. This moved me into the meaning of memorial day and did away with the tired bunting of stars and stripes. A cord was struck in me and I decided that if a need to feature a holiday ever came up I would go the route of art and meaning rather than empty and expected tradition. Think Christmas!

June 05, 2013

Reduce & Reuse with XSL

Applying reusable XSL templates

One of the nifty things about XSL is that you can build a template within another template. Why? Suppose you have a complicated heading that needs to be repeated on different pages but only the title changes. Check it!